What is Cait?

CAIT makes remote monitoring easy for patients and physicians. CAIT remote nursing uses technology to easily share health information from a monitoring device used at home to your healthcare provider.

How Does Cait Work?

CAIT makes it easy for patients and providers to do remote monitoring in three easy steps: set-up, reporting and intervention. CAIT is covered by most health insurance providers for patients with chronic conditions.

Integrated with Our Partners

Why Cait?

CAIT is committed to improving patients’ quality of life through providing continued care after acute episodes and between doctor’s visits. CAIT works to improve patient outcomes through monitoring patient symptoms, increased communication and encouraging patient accountability.

Cait and COVID-19

CAIT is here for patients during these challenging times.
CAIT can help provide peace of mind and medical monitoring and assistance while quarantining and returning to life.

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