CAIT For Providers

CAIT’s simplified process allows physicians to continue treating patients away from the office.

At CAIT we believe everyone should do what they are good at. For us, that means physicians focus on treating patients as we conduct remote patient monitoring. Our simple process allows this to occur every day for patients. Once a physician identifies a patient that would benefit from RPM and sends an RPM order and care plan, CAIT takes over. CAIT acquires the devices, completes installation, provides education and ensures readings are accurately sent through our ecosystem. CAIT provides reports for physicians to review to determine the next steps in a patient’s treatment plan. Physicians are able to bill for E/M or CCM services through care plan creation, report review and patient interactions over the phone.

Care Team Services

Compared to other RPM services, the CAIT care team is present in every step of the RPM process. Our care team focuses on patient education, communication and ensuring patients are okay.


CAIT offers eight different devices to support the monitoring of a range of chronic conditions. Device readings are monitored daily by the CAIT care team.


The CAIT ecosystem is intuitive to use, easy to access and a one-stop shop for patient information.

Cait and COVID-19

CAIT is here for patients during these challenging times.
CAIT can help provide peace of mind and medical monitoring and assistance while quarantining and returning to life.

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