Why Cait?

CAIT offers a simple, no-cost option to physicians to improve their patients’ quality of life.

The need for remote nursing is greater than ever before. With rising health care costs, providers and payers are looking for ways to decrease costs while ensuring patients receive the care they need to improve. CAIT was founded to help this need and make it more accessible to patients.

In order to reduce the barriers of offering RPM to patients, CAIT controls every step of the process. With our partners, we are able to provide the monitoring devices, data analysis and storage, reporting, care team communication and emergency care if needed to the patients and physicians we serve.

Care Team Services

Compared to other RPM services, the CAIT care team is present in every step of the RPM process. Our care team focuses on patient education, communication and ensuring patients are okay.


CAIT offers eight different devices to support the monitoring of a range of chronic conditions. Device readings are monitored daily by the CAIT care team.


The CAIT ecosystem is intuitive to use, easy to access and a one-stop shop for patient information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Providers receive data reports as often as they like from CAIT. Most opt for every two weeks.
Each patient requires a unique care plan that corresponds to the devices being used.
A CAIT technician will evaluate the device and determine if the patient needs a new one. CAIT provides replacement devices at no cost.

Cait and COVID-19

CAIT is here for patients during these challenging times.
CAIT can help provide peace of mind and medical monitoring and assistance while quarantining and returning to life.

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