How Does Cait Work?

Cait Makes it easy to receive remote monitoring for patients and loved ones.

CAIT uses a three-step model to make it easy for patients to take an active role in their care at home. Once RPM is identified as a treatment option by a physician, the patient will have their devices delivered to them. Prior to delivery, a CAIT care team member will call and schedule a time for in-person set-up. During set-up, the care team member will educate the patient on their devices and make sure readings are being sent to the care team. After the device is set-up, the patient will take readings daily and will communicate with the care team for check-ins or times of medical uncertainty.

CAIT also helps physicians stay up-to-date on their patients’ health status. CAIT sends periodic reports with readings for physicians to review and make changes to their patients’ care plans. If a medical emergency occurs, CAIT will alert the patient’s physician to determine the proper next steps. Physicians will be able to communicate with their patients and make changes to their care plans more frequently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Providers receive data reports as often as they like from CAIT. Most opt for every two weeks.
Each patient requires a unique care plan that corresponds to the devices being used.
A CAIT technician will evaluate the device and determine if the patient needs a new one. CAIT provides replacement devices at no cost.

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